Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

"Imagine with me"

Siblings are a pain but they are one of life's greatest gift ~

~@# Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum #@~

In the high rocky mountain of Dushar , nothing is much more ferocious and cunning as the two creatures living the dark gloomy cave on the peak of Mount Dushar.Nobody dares to climb the mountain without a powerful armed knight escorting or scouting for them.Even the strongest creatures of the mountain forest would shiver and cry if they hear the word Mount Dushar.But its not what they expect would be ~

In the gloomy cave on top of Mount Dushar.The cave is dark in the front but at the back , lies thousands of glowing mushrooms all radiating a peaceful and warming green glow.Theres a pile of glowing green mushrooms all taken out from their roots and piled them up like someone just harvested them.Many many green cavehoppers were smuggling and munching on the pile of green mushrooms , they were munching and chomping each inch of the harvested green mushrooms.But once a loud thump of a giant being walking came in and shook the ground like a mini earthquake just came in , the munching cavehoppers hopped away in light speed.

Each thump was louder than before , a giant shadow came up from the walls and revealed something so ferocious with fangs and teeth.The creature has razor sharp claws , lizard tongue and small but strong wings that could lift any creature up from the ground.All was revealed when the creature took a big breath and then it sneezed !!! It's Tweedle Dee , a nerdy dragon with huge glasses that could even crush a spine with a pop.Tweedle Dee was reading a book , no an encyclopedia about Astrologies and Mathematics.He was adjusting his neck tie with stripped layer patterns and rubbing his colourful shiny shoes.He has a buck tooth and measels all over his face , each snort he took sent the green mushrooms swayed to a side.

"Damn cavehoppers" , he said to himself while using a dragon sized tissue to wipe his sweat off his scaly and hard dragon head."They keep on eating our crops , if this keeps on like that.We will have to hunt outside for food and I hate the taste of raw animals" , he said with a huge puff.Tweedle Dee carried up all the harvested green mushrooms and clumsily walked towards the kitchen.Each step he took made the pile of green mushrooms he was carrying wobbling and wobbling , Tweedle Dee was nervous to a streak that it would all fall.As in the matter of fact , he was about to reach the kitchen but a loud roar came and it frightened poor little Tweedle Dee , it made him tumbled and fell to the ground with all the green mushrooms he was carrying to land on him.

"HAHAHAHA , you little stupid and careless twat !!!" , a voice of a dragon came by.It was Tweedle Dum , a cool and strong dragon that any other female dragons would call him "Flame" because of his capability of spewing powerful fire like a flamethrower on anyone he seems fit.He is a spiked hair dragon with a cool black jacket that was in trend.He wears sunglasses and his cool attractive glare can't be avoided by most of the female dragons as he look into their eyes with two pools of innocence.He always hated his name , he don't like how he was born with his brother as twins.Making their mother to name them Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum , they are great names but have a scent of childish.He always picks on Tweedle Dee because he is nerdy and weak.

Tweedle Dum lifted his head up while breathing fire and said "Pick up each and every one of those green mushrooms you lazy twat !!! I will be having a party tonight so you better clean the cave , I don't want these cavehoppers to make a mess in my party !!! Oh and your not invited".Tweedle Dee stood up and took a snort , he replied "Brother , please don't bully me anymore.I am doing my best to clean the cave as fast as I can but brother....can.... can I join the party tonight ?".Tweedle Dum laughed and said "You ? Why would I invite you ? I see you everyday and I am sick with you !!! Why would I invite you to my party , I will be sure to kick you out !!! So go to a rock and cry".The mood changed from anger to sorrow as Tweedle Dee ran outside while crying , in the distance from the cave you could hear Tweedle Dum laughing and laughing without a snitch of regret.He just said to himself , "Oh well , I guess I will do all the work myself.At least I am rid of that freaky nerd for a long time hahahahaha".

That night , the linnets and crickets in the forest surround the mountain were singing and tuning to the beat from the peak of Mount Dursha.Everyone was awoke and up , they can't sleep because the music from the cave was killing their ears but they can't do anything about it.Inside the cave , it was like club heaven.Ten to Twelve dragons of all shapes and sizes were dancing to the midnight in there.Tweedle Dum was dancing like any other pop stars you know , he was energetic and lively that day , nothing could stop his rampage of him becoming to dancing king of the night.There were no jukebox or radio systems in those olden age so Tweedle Dum used a magical music rock that produces beat and tunes all over the world.One of Tweedle Dum's friends named Misha was all drunk and boozed over , she drank too much alcoholic drinks and it caused her head to spin around and her reactions lessen.She walked over the magical sound rock and turned the volume to maximum.Every rock and mushroom in the cave were trembling as the sound wave passed through the cave's hallways.

The sound was too loud and it caused the whole cave to tremble and shake.The other dragons were fully aware that the cave was about to fall but Tweedle Dum was so caught up with his music and dancing , he ended up unaware of his surroundings and the fact that his dragon friends were all running outside.When all the other dragons came out , Misha said "What about Tweedle Dum ? He is still inside !!!".One of the dragons replied "Nah , he will live and besides I am tired".After that little conversation , the dragons flew away in a huff.Tweedle Dum was dancing but suspecting something was strange , he later found out that his friends were all gone and the cave was about to collaspe.He quickly ran towards the exit but just as he was about to go outside.The cave collasped on him and his whole body was stucked while his head was still exposed to the air.The cave was gone along with the glowing green mushrooms , only debrises and dust filled the air of helplessness.

Tweedle Dum cried for help but not even a sound came back to him , not even a night time sound of linnets and crickets because they were frightened by Tweedle Dum.Far away from Mount Dursha , Tweedle Dee was sitting on a rock while crying to himself.He was sad about what his brother did to him and broke his heart.But his heart changed from sad to suspectful , he sensed that his brother was in danger and flew back in a flash.Even though they hate each other but the power and the sense of twins are still bonded together.When Tweedle Dee got there , he found out that he was right and Tweedle Dum was in trouble.Tweedle Dee immediately one by one moved away all the rocks and debrises on top of Tweedle Dum , each sweat flowing down through the face of Tweedle Dum shown efforts of him moving those rocks away.

After a long period of moving those rocks one by one away from Tweedle Dum.Tweedle Dum stood up with tears in his eyes , he immediately went over and hugged Tweedle Dee and said "I am sorry brother , please forgive me.My friends abandoned me but you came for me.I should have known that you are my closest dragon to be with , I am sorry !!!".Tweedle Dee just took a sigh and told Tweedle Dum to forget what they been through and start a new day.Tweedle Dum agreed to him and took whats left of the magical sound rock and danced with his brother.Tweedle Dee jumped up with joy and danced along with Tweedle Dum.

In the beautiful and quiet night sky , lies the sound of two happy dragons enjoying to the music.The forest suddenly became lively and the singers of the forest started to sing with blissfulness.Every creature in the forest started to dance along to the happy beat , fishes jumped out of water like graceful dolphins just to dance along.Frogs croaked and crickets played songs like violin players.The whole mountain and forest were all dancing and singing to the beat of music and to the bond of two dragon brothers that would last forever no matter what they will go through next time.

"Siblings , they are the ones telling you that god doesn't want you to go on alone."

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

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wow, really impressive, I like it =)
also admire your imagination :D


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