Mother Nature

"Don't Just Read , Imagine"

~@# Mother Nature @#~

The galaxy is a beautiful place , stars and nebulas brighten the whole infinite world.Everywhere , theres secrets and dangers awaiting.But in the midst of a thousand stars and planets , lies a planet with the power to contain life.Unlike other planets , it doesn't destroy life but support life.Its like diamond inside a giant rough rock , hard to find but the value is limitless.The planet was named , Earth.

Earth is a beautiful planet filled with life that nowhere could be seen.It was empty at first , with nothing but rain and microscopic life forms in the ocean.The ocean is a vast and dangerous place , filled with undying mysteries.On land , it was deserted , nothing but wind blowing.In the vast dry land , rooted a plant.A growing plant with two leaves coming out.It was the first plant to grow on land.Not for long , it grew into a tree filled with spores getting ready to fly away and grow on a single spot to spread life.After a few days , the spores flew.They flew to unimaginable distance to seek a perfect spot to grow , once they found one , they would land on that spot and grow.

Millenia passed , life in the sea evolved and went on land.By the time they stepped on land , plants were everywhere.Lush green fields , beautiful forests.The rivers that ran through them and the beautiful sun that shone on them.The tree from before grew into a gigantic size , it was in the middle of a lush forest.Its like a mother to all round it , mother nature.Such amazing life , yet things became different.

Millenia after Millenia , trange new beings appeared.They were humans , creatures like apes but smarter and more cunning.They lack physical strength but they were smart , they used things around them as weapons or to their advantage. They discovered fire and started to gather firewood from trees.One by one , cutted down to pieces.Mother nature felt the pain but it can't do anything , only to see her children slowly getting slaughtered by humans.

It soon reached the 19th century , the technological advancement of humans advanced greatly.They can travel through water and air.Their weapons improved , their medications improved.Their minds improved and so does the politics.Mother nature was surrounded by blocks and metals.All the trees around her were gone , only buildings and factories.She was treated as a playground , swings were pinned on her branches to let children play.She was in pain.But she was happy , she seen laughter and love.Couples would spend their nights under the tree.Admiring such a magnificent being.

Not for long , war broke between countries.Men and women of different countries opposed each other , never ending slaughterings and killings.The city was destroyed ... everywhere was gun sounds and bombs flying through the air.Mother Nature cried throughout the whole day while watching people around her dying.She wondered why beings of the same species fighting each other.Why can't love be used all around the world instead of war.She was confused.Humans are dangerous creatures , how often we say bugs are gross but in truth....We are the monsters.

Governments of countries all around the world ordered their scientists to experiment on nuclear weapons.Soon , a nuclear holocaust appeared.Countries all around the world launching nuclear warheads at other countries.Soon , everything was lost and every life started to die.Water became tainted of radiatons.Skies became dark grey with never ending soot falling down.Trees withering and slowly dying.Mother nature was bald , she had no leaves.Every leaves she had either died or fell off.She seen people dying and starving of hunger.Radiation killed everyone all around the world.Great cities now in ruins and fishes all floated to the top with their bellies up signifying their dead.

Everywhere , life has been destroyed.Mother Nature stood there alone , watching her children's body on the ground all black and dried up.She was on a verge of death and was crying every water she had in her body.Once a magnificent being , now a small dying tree.Her eyes were heavy and her body was starting to fall.She fell to ground with a loud thump.Before she died , she closed her eys and looked upon the wasteland where she once stood proud along with her children one last time.She thought of the times when humans were in loving peace and all was in harmony.She thought of the times before humans exist , everywhere beautiful and inspiring.But now infront of her , only dust and debrises.She closed her eyes along with a single teardrop...and passed away.

After million of years , Earth was still the same.But in a blink of hope , in the middle of a wasteland.On top of a little dirt and some trash.Lies a little bud , growing....

"Earth will go on , with or without humans.We call animals monsters and bugs gross but we are the real monsters.We are killing Mother Nature and the planet we called Earth as our home.If only we change."


Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Ops my pencil is broken , Earth


Magic Music Box

"Don't Just Read , Imagine"

~@# Magic Music Box #@~

In a magical castle made of pure white blocks of bricks , grapevines all entangled all over the castle like a plague but a good one.And inside the castle , was a giant and beautiful throne with hundreds of steps leading the way to the throne.In front of the throne , all royal advisors and soldiers were lining up in order.Sitting on the throne , there she was.The great queen dressed with a beautiful dress and jewelry all over her.On her head , an golden crown that would blind everyone in a single flash.ALl around her was servants of different sizes , all helping the queen or grooming the queen.She was the most happiest girl in the world , she has power and riches to sastify any needs.

But everything started to disappear out of her eyes like a swirling tornado , all sucked up and spitted out to nowhere.Her dress turned into a normal clothing dress , her crown turned into a simple bow with polka dots.She woke up on her bed , nothing but cold sweat and an empty feet.She hated herself for waking up so fast , she wanted to dream more.She wanted to be the queen for her whole life , she don't want it to be just a brief moment.But she rubbed her eyes and tossed herself on her bed once more.She wanted to dream yet again !!!

But with a loud thug on her toes , her mom woke her up by shouting , "Its morning , RISE AND SHINE.Come on , lets go to the market.Mommy could teach you some tips on choosing the right vegies for dinner".The girl woke up with half closing eyes with a little yawn.Her mom took a new dress for the girl and she washed her daughter's face with a cloth and some water.In just in a matter of minutes , the girl was all dressed up and ready to go.The girl is mute , she can't talk but she can still hear.She has two cute ponytails and soft gentle hands.She plays the piano very well , her tutor always call her "Twinkle Fingers".After a little breakfast , they went to the morning market.

They bought everything they need that day.Fish , vegies and a little chicken , enough to last lunch and the dinner for the day.On the way back home , the girl eyes caught something interesting.She saw a wonderful music box inside an antique store , the angel on top of the music box was spinning around slowly with a beautiful tune.She kept on staring it spinning around , a beautiful angel with a golden halo on top of it.Something made the music box looked so special , she wanted to buy it.She went over to her mom and begged for some coins , her mom gave her a few pennies and straight away the girl went back to the antique shop.She went inside the shop , everything inside it was so old and antiquish.She has never seen such a magnificent sight.All around here , was old clocks and music boxes.It had music boxes with different styles to them and old clocks which tickered with each second passed by.

The old owner looked at her with small little eyes , he was surprise to see a young child in his shop of antiques.The girl went to the counter where the old man was.She took the music box she wanted and placed it on top of the counter.The girl used hand signs to tell the old man she wanted to buy the music box.The old man immediately knew that she was mute , he told the girl that she needs 5 pennies to buy the little music box.The old man was different from most old men though.He had such a radiant smile and a welcoming face , he was old but he looked like as he lived forever.The girl paid for the music box and was ready to go away.The old man stopped her and said "This music box would change your life".The girl was confused about what he said but she went out to greet her mother and went off home.

When she reached home , she ignored her mother on teaching her how to cook sweet pepper chicken.She went up to her room , lied on her bed and opened the music box.The music box flowed out a thousand melodies and a soothing tune.The angel with golden halo spinned around while flashing a light.The room was getting dimmer as the clouds were slowly covering the sun , the light from the angel gotten more and more brighter.The girl was staring at it with motionless eyes , she sat there while looking at the angel.Suddenly the room shook hard , its like an earthquake.The girl screamed as the room shook with a trembling power.She yelled for her mother but to no avail.The whole room changed , the walls changed from wood to bricks.Her furniture was all gone suddenly , leaving her bed and the music box in the room.The girl hid under the bed while closing her eyes.

Just as the music box fell to the ground , the trembling stopped.The girl got out of the bed and looked around.Everything was all the same in her room except for disappeared furnitures and changed walls.She took up the music box but she dropped it again after a loud bang on the door.She went to open the door and was surprised to see a giant teedy bear infront of her.It was wearing a tuxedo with a gentle combed hair , it has the cutest smile you ever seen.The teddy bear took the girl's hand and placed her on top of it's head."My name is Gustave , I am hear to escort you to the king" , he said with a warm smile.

The place they were at was a servant room , it was abandoned for a long time but the girl was curious about how the teddy bear knew she was there.Gustave told her , "This music box is the key for you to come here , it won't be opened unless you give to it the king".The girl tried as much she can to open the box but she can't open it , it was easy to open at the first time but now its all sealed up.The teddy bear took the girl out of the servant's chambers and ended up in a beautiful garden.Flowers were blooming everywhere the smell of spring in the air , honey bees were buzzing around just to get nectar to produce honey.They passed by a bridge , under the bridge was a golden river of honey.At the end of the river was a giant waterfall of golden honey , Gustave took a handful of honey from the river and gave it to the girl.She ate the honey with a lickering smile.Suddenly a bunch of birds flew over her and placed a flower necklace around her neck , each flower had a very beautiful scent.

They went through the grand dining hall , the waiters were tending to the long table.All the waiters were stuffed animals and toy soldiers were scouting the area for danger.The chefs came out with a big tummy while holding a giant plate and on top of it was giant chickens , fruits and ice creams.The cheif chef came out with a giant hot blumbling pot , he poured the soup in the pot into a giant bowl.Every chef went to stir the soup in the bowl with a giant metal spoon.The girl could see her reflection on the spoon.She was shocked to see that she was dressed in a beautiful dress.The chefs saw her and went to her with roller skates under their feet.They gave her free samples of their most finest dish.She never ate such a delicious dish before in her life but in the same time , she misses her mother's dish.

They arrived at the throne , it was all the same from her dream from before.She walked up the hundred steps to the throne , she never got tired from all that climbing.She looked back and noticed something was changed.In her dream , there was advisors but right now it was all toys.Dinosaur toys wearing a red coat while holding a piece of royal message waiting to send it to the king.Giant toy soldiers acted as knights to keep the peace of the toy kingdom.Teddy bears with long beards wearing magician robes that sparkled.Everyone was talking and enjoying , the royal dancers were dancing gracefully by the side.

She reached the king's throne , she silently gave the king the music box.The king was wearing a mask and worn a giant metallic armor with a giant sword behind his back.He looked strong and all mighty but he had a gentle side.He carried the girl and placed her on his thigh.He took the music box and showed the crowd.Everyone went silent for awhile and the girl was curious of why did they became silent.The king opened the box and was revealed.A melancholy melody came out of the music box and the whole place was shaking.It all happened again , everything flashing and disappearing.

She was back on her bed.She was confused on what was going on , she saw the music box on top of her table.She took it and went back to the antique shop.But as soon as she stopped there ... there was no antique shop.Only a tree...and under it a teddy bear that looks like Gustave and a mask of the king she just met.

"Was it all a dream ? or was it for real ?"

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

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